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How to overwrite once defined code?

Question asked by ChristianH on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Mitesh



I'm trying to develop my first SHARC project (ADSP-21469).


Following concept I did already with other DSPs:

I have several SHARCs in the system, they should all get the same boot code.

Based on the usage of the chip (input card, output card, main DSP) they should get different application code after booting.

For booting I defined a IVT (standard table, SPI slave boot) but later e.g. chip #1 gets Sport1 Int. enabled, chip#2 gets sport7 Int. enabled.


How can I redefine initial code?


E.g. in IVT:







How to define a new code in the application program for this (in the same project)?


Is it in general possible to have multiple application program codes in one project?

The build (or loader/splitter) result must be 1 file for booting and differnet files for the main program (depending on chip usage).

Do I have to handle them like overlays to achieve that?


Thanks in advance for any help!