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fmcadc2 - Eye Scan

Question asked by Pablo.Leyva on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Pablo.Leyva

Hi everyone,


I am trying to use the Eye Scan feature in the fmcadc2 reference design with a VC707. I am able to stablish comunication with the 2D Statistical Eye Scan and run the scanning. But I have problems with the graphical representation.


This is all I can get:




In the Linux Terminal I can see the following message:

(jesd_eye_scan:8291): Gtk-WARNING **: Overriding tab label for notebook

LANE0 P(0) @ 6,25 Gbps

Eye Center:

    ERR: 0 BER: 9,537e-8

    H: 0,985 (UI)

    V: 243 (CODES)

Warning: empty x range [-0:-0], adjusting to [-1:-1]


I am usng the precompiled linux image.


Am I configuring something wrong?


thanks in advance.


- Pablo