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AD9364 unable to output Tx Modulated Data

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by tlili

Hello Forum,


Using AD9361 Evaluation Software v2.1.4 (64-bit) and the attached AD9364_Project.prj file, I am able to create init script, which contains,

1. SPI register programming values.

2. The wait time or conditional bit done for letting AD9364 finish the configuration,


I developed C environment code equivalent of the generated init scrip, which I am is able to compile and run on my MCU board interfaced with AD9364.


In the same C code, I added an array containing OFDM I/Q samples.


The issue I am seeing that when I run the C code on MCU to transmit the MCU-in-memory stored OFDM I/Q data,

1. On some AD9364 on-board Tx, I see a proper and clean OFDM signal and

2. On some AD9364 on-board Tx, I see only a CW signal (may be a DC leakage).


I want help in debugging the above issue # 2,

1. By dumping SPI register and analyzing to find which internal block of AD9364 is not working

2. if there are or can be any AD9364 on-board specific SPI programming required


Appreciate for your help.