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AD9361 ADC voltage resolution and bias

Question asked by andrew.dickson on Apr 14, 2015
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Please could you tell me exactly how to work out the voltage resolution per LSB of the 9361 RX channel ADC for the AD9361


We've made some assumptions and are not sure we are correct as the data sheet and reference manual do not provide enough details of this. The reference manual quotes "The ADC maximum input (0 dBFS) is 0.625 V peak". This to me tells me ac coupled the input and biased at 0.625V and the pk-pk is 1.25V??? We consider the ADC output 12-bits as -2047 to +2047??


Please could you give me the your calculations and parameters for ADC voltage resolution with a description on some of the parameters, e.g. input bias level, pk-pk, etc.


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