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[Urgent] ADV7480 fails HDMI Compliance Test ID 8-7 "Jitter Tolerance".

Question asked by Tamu on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by XavE


I have questions about ADV7480.
My customer using ADV7480 has been testing HDMI Compliance Test.
ID 8-7 Jitter Tolerance is failed.
The details are as follows:
  It is failed only when HDMI 480p with 2nd Cable Emulator(Type2 JAE).
  It's passed when 480p with 1st Cable Emulator.
  It's passed when 720p with both 1st Cable Emulator and 2nd Cable Emulator.

We have to consider the workaround urgently.
So, we want your answers ASAP.


1) Have you ever confirmed ADV7480 is passed for ID 8-7 Jitter Tolerance with 2nd Cable Emulator?
   ADKK Japan doesn't have 2nd Cable Emulator but 1st Cable Emulator. So we can not confirm it soon.


2) The customer implements your latest S/W driver to their S/W.
   They have been referring "TMDS EQUALIZER CONFIGURATION FLOW" on your ADV748x_Recommended_Settings document
   and they implements them.
   How can we know whether the Flow in their S/W can be implemented properly or not?


3)The jitter is increased by step at ID 8-7 Jitter Tolerance.
  Can your "TMDS EQUALIZER CONFIGURATION FLOW" on your S/W driver change EQ registers' value according to increasing jitter step

  at Test ID8-7?


4) Do you have any ideas except EQ registers for this issue?


Thank you.
Best regards.