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C++2011 as default

Question asked by RalfHain on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by RalfHain

I want to set the default to C++2011 rather than c++2003

Seems it is not possible. Here is what I tried:


- Setting option "-c++11" globally causes also .c files to be cpp, which causes some



- C++ build -> Settings -> CrossCoreBlackfin C/C++ Compiler

  Here are no separate settings for c / cpp offered.


- CXXFLAGS variable seems not to be used in the makefile.


- "eclipse custom resource settings"

  Sure I could use this for deleting the option "-c++11" for every .c file.

  But I must do this for every .c file. I want to avoid the project to

  be convoluted with cusrom resource settings. If there is a real important

  custom resource setting, then the overview gets lost.


Has anyone a tip for me?