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How to get the digital data output by ADAU1772 in EVAL-ADAU1722Z board with ADUSB2Z

Question asked by pbmprasad on Apr 14, 2015
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    We are working on EVAL-ADAU1722Z board with ADAU1772 audio processor and  ADUSB2Z is being used tor communication with sigma studio software development tool. We followed the all steps in the user manual (Evaluation Board User Guide
UG-477 -
Evaluating the ADAU1772 Four ADC, Two DAC Low Power Codec with Audio Processor) .

We created the basic signal flow for the evaluation board by following all the steps given in the manual and also We selected input DMIC 3&4 and connected output 1&2 in the Hardware Configuration/ADAU1772 Register Control section as per the document(page No:11).

We are able to successfully compile and dump on the board.

The self powered speaker is used as output device. This is connected in J23 stereo port. Our DMIC is capturing only air flow. Voice is not getting captured. Noise is being played by the speakers. Can anyone help us on resolving this issue.


PBM Prasad.