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AD9910 Eval Board

Question asked by Alex.B on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by mantow

Hello Every Body,


I'm testing the AD9910 on the eval board supplied by Analog.

The setup is a simple single tone output frequency.

When running it with the supplied software, everithing works fine.

With the software, I'm working in the debug mode and after turning on the power I'm setting registers 02 and 0E.

When I'm trying to do the same bypassing the USB com, connecting directly to the DDS (making the necessary changes on the jumpers), and making the same write sequence to the registers, nothing happens.

The only difference I could find is in the time it takes to write the registers.

With the evaluation software it takes about 400uS, whereas using my computer it takes significantly longer - about 1.5S.

Other than that I could not find any difference between the two setups (as recorded on a logic analyzer).


What am I missing?