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ADUCM350 GSR and HR monitor

Question asked by RichieHard on Apr 13, 2015
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i'm working on a wearable device which include (above others sensors) Galvanic skin response and Heart rate monitoring. I mean i have to measure in real time GSR and HR in real time, store those into a memory and send them every 5-10 minutes to a receiver


this device should be perfect for what i need, even because it's already including a cortex M3 that looks programmable to receive in input some other sensors and drive via i2c a couple of more (even SPI).

i'm working with ad5933 for Galvanic Skin Response, which i found very difficult to trim (actually i didn't manage to made it work already) and for using this how wearable device (so bio-impedance measurement) it neeeds external AFE to lower down the current through the body


so my question are:

1_i saw there is an evaluetion board, i would like to understand if this has already on board an AFE to start trying it as GSR and HR monitor without externa circuitry


2_if it will be possible to have GSR and HR monitor from the same measurement

3_if i understood well that i can add a lot of sensors and transmitter/receivers on this device since it has an embedded processor that is not only running for this application

4_if it would be possible to have some exaples to quick run tests like

(i mean pre-edited code and examples to modify)

5_i saw there is this issue :

since i'm going to do so for my company, i think i need to understand how many peaces it will be possible to have since it could be an issue.


i will be in london till april the 19th, if could be possible to talk to someone here, or at least have some direct contact (email) to ask further questions, would be great !!


i'm asking to LiamR cause i saw him replying on this comment: Using ADuCM350 for Biomedical Signals


thanks a lot for your time