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Zedboard Petalinux 2014.R2 boot from Qspi ?

Question asked by Nick-AD on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by rgetz

Hello to all,

i have this enviroment, Linux 2014.R2 and Vivado 2014.2.

I try to create my Qspi image for petalinux 2014.2 but i have some problem on it ..


I create my .mcs file and program the Qspi flash how to describe in this tutorial


ZC702 - Boot From Flash - Xilinx Open Source Wiki


after the image creation whit Vivado the Zedboard dont boot and fpga isn't programmed ( i don't see the blue led done ) ...


I make my image under Sdk 14.4 the zeboard programming go well but the u-boot missing the kernel image


where i wrong ?