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AD9361 out of band IIP3 measurement

Question asked by sotonzi on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by tlili

Hi tlili and everyone,


I previously made a post about the ad9361 in band iip3 measurement, it can be found in AD9361/4 IIP3 measurement. Since the new question is about the out of band measurement, I guess it is better to create a new post for it.


The IIP3 provided in the spreadsheet is out of band IIP3, I will need to do the out of band IIP3 measurement apart from the in-band one. To do this, I still can't figure out how to generate the two tone signal. For example, rx frequency at 2400MHz with Fs of 30.72MHz. Where in the frequency band should I place the two tones? And see from the IIP3 measurement documentation, in Figure 1 Out-of-Band IIP3 Setup, what signal should I measure? There is no obvious IMD3 (which is the power difference between target signal and 3rd order product), how do I do the measurement?


In the datasheet there are some example figure of the IIP3 measurement, what are the settings if I want to do the same thing?