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ADV7511 no-os driver slow on microblaze

Question asked by mrb on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by mattp

Hello Everyone,


I am using the Xilinx zc706 development kit, which has the ADV7511 transmitter on it. I am using a microblaze processor to configure the ADV7511, not the A9 processor.


I am able to communicate with and configure the ADV7511 over I2C using the ADV7511 no-os library. I get the exact results as expected from this page:


However the time it takes to initialise and detect changes is quite large. For example, after reset, the initial transmitter application message is shown it takes about 7 seconds to show the HPD changed to high, then another 5 seconds until it detects and reports MSEN changed to high, and then around another 5 seconds before it reads in the EDID and the driver is enabled.


Is it normal for the library to take this long to setup and activate the hdmi tx link? I can send commands directly over I2C (without using the library) and have it up and running in a second or two - but I would prefer to use the correct (Analog) library code.


My microblaze is running at 100MHz and my I2C link is running at 400kHz.


Any hints no why it might be running so slowly would be much appreciated.