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Limitation of input current of AD8400 terminals.

Question asked by ysuzuki on Apr 12, 2015
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I have a question about limitation of input current on A, B, W termials of AD8400.


In table-5 of the datashee, Absolute Maximum Rating, the current limitation is described as followings. The limitation was changed when the datasheet revision was changed from Rev.D to Rev.E .



Parameter : IAB Continuous (RAB = 1kohm/10kohm/50kohm/100kohm)

Ratiing   : 5mA / 500microA / 100microA / 50microA



Parameter : IAB Continuous (RAB = 1kohm/10kohm/50kohm/100kohm)

Rating    : 2.1mA / 2.1mA / 540microA / 540microA


I think the Rev.D's description is understandable rather than Rev.E when I consider the maximum input voltage is 5V.


Could you teach me why this current limitation was changed from Rev.D to Rev.E ?



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