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Question asked by Lijo on Apr 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by tjohnson

dear sir,

i am using ad5700 as hart modem.we are using analog input/output module with hart.For analog input module we didnt confirm the circuit

But we use reference for analog input AD5700 datasheet figure 28 current input modulr page number 17.

there use half duplex with switch RTS.can we use full duplex mode without switch ?


i think for using full duplex mode we didnt want to use CD,RTS pin for controlling.

I tested simply full duplex by connecting hartout to hart demoudulator its working there carrier detect always one.but i tested same circuit half dulplex but its not working.


is there any hart isolation for isolating hart modem......?

can we use the current input modulator circuit(figure 28) as hart analog input module without using switch as full duplex mode....

if it full duplex it may read back the transmitting hart signal isnt it?

we are going to implement ad5700 with ad 5421 dac for hart analog output module ,the same circuit in ur demo board ad5700d2z

but we tested it in full duplex mode....

we need hart isolation circuit , audio transformer is enough for it?

please helpme we are going to implement hart analog input and output module please guide me to get relevant circuit for this thank you