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How can I reset the rotary encoder position to different values ?

Question asked by davidMancuso on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by KJBob

Hi all,


in my project I am using 2 buttons and the rotary encoder to control the parameters (Q, gain and f) of 3 filters (HP, LP and BP). I have already achieved the logic in SigmaStudio in order to do this:


1. First button allows to select among the three filters.

2. Second button allows to swap among the parameters of the selected filter.

3. Rotary Encoder allows to change the parameter (each with a different scaled Linear Interpolator).


My problem is:


for example, I select the Q parameter of one of the filters and set it to a specific value. When I press the second button to swap to the Gain parameter, the Q parameter goes automatically back to the first value of the index table, while the gain parameter automatically changes in accordance with the current position of the rotary encoder.


So I would like every parameter to stay in the value I left it when swapping to the next parameter. Also when swapping to the next parameter, this parameter should not be affected by the current position of the rotary encoder. Instead, the rotary encoder should assign the current parameter value to it's current position, so to say.


Is this a problem of the Linear Interpolators ?


I hope I've explained my problem clearly to some extent. Please find the SigmaStudio schematic attatched. The logic goes from the far left until the middle of the schematic.