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MLB programming to receive 5.1 channel 24 bit audio

Question asked by ganga_55555 on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan

Hi All,


I have configured MLB device registers to receive 5.1 CHANNEL 24 BIT audio.


I had the DMA in ping pong mode and the Receive interrupt set for current buffer done setting.


I am currently having Frame synchronization issues.


Sometimes, data is received properly starting with Left as given below:


In receive DMA buffer:


1st word:  L(24BIT) + R(8BIT)

2nd word: R(16BIT) + C(16BIT)

3rd word: C(8BIT) +  LFE(24BIT)

4th word: LS(24BIT) + RS(8BIT)

5th word: RS(16BIT) + 0s

6th word:  L(24BIT) + R(8BIT)

7th word: R(16BIT) + C(16BIT)

8thword: C(8BIT) +  LFE(24BIT)

9thword: LS(24BIT) + RS(8BIT)

10th word: RS(16BIT) + 0s

But sometimes, I am receiving the data like

1st word: C(8BIT) +  LFE(24BIT)

2nd word: LS(24BIT) + RS(8BIT)

3rd word: RS(16BIT) + 0s

4th word: L(24BIT) + R(8BIT)

5th word: R(16BIT) + C(16BIT)

6th word:  C(8BIT) +  LFE(24BIT)

7th word: LS(24BIT) + RS(8BIT)

8thword: RS(16BIT) + 0s

9thword: L(24BIT) + R(8BIT)

10th word: R(16BIT) + C(16BIT)

If anyone had faced similar issues, please suggest.