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ADXL362, problem with measurement

Question asked by waqar on Apr 9, 2015
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i am using ADXL 362 in a custom build board.


I am intending to use it in measurement mode to get data and equal intervals specified by ODR. I have set up fifo to record samples in stream mode.

In my application i am intending to  read fifo at regular interval. Interval is fixed so i might get variable fifo entries each time i read fifo. So i am reading fifo entries register to see the number of entries in FIFO.

i am having problem in setting up ADXL to work in this way. I have pasted the initialization function below. I have checked the SPI communication, its fine. Also functions below are tested. I need some guidance if i am missing some thing.

void ACX_Init(void)


  Write_ACX_Register(ACT_INACT_CTL, 0x00);


  // Set FIFO in stream mode

  Write_ACX_Register(FIFO_CONTROL_REGISTER, 0x02);


  // Set Option for Interupt 1 pin for DATA_Ready signal

  Write_ACX_Register(INTMAP1, 0x01);


  //Set Option for Interupt 2 pin for DATA_Ready signal

  Write_ACX_Register(INTMAP2, 0x02);


  // Set Option for smaple rate

  Write_ACX_Register(FILTER_CTL, 0x03);