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ADV8005 evaluation board and switching primary output problem

Question asked by wheelmedal on Apr 9, 2015
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I have the EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ evaluation board. I'm using an USB-to-Serial adapter with putty terminal session to communicate with the board. And I'm seeing some problems when switching the primary output on the evaluation board.


The source device is a Sony Blu-ray disc player, the disc is a 3D Blu-ray disc with some 1080p frame-packing content and is connected to the input. The output is connected to a sink via HDMI and HDCP is enabled.


This is what I do: In the home-menu of the player, the primary output of ADV8005 is set to 1080p60 ("pout 1080p60"). From the home-menu screen of the player, I start playing disc (play 3D disc) and I set the primary output to pass-through mode ("pout passthr"). Then the display stays black (or some garbage) and I see recurring messages on the command line interface. Please see these below. This snippet repeats around each two seconds.


-- snippet ----------------------------

-Tx: 13:815 HDCP Ri mismatch error received

-Rx: 13:817 Received HDCP error from TX

-Tx: 14:042 HDCP authenticated

-Tx: 14:043 1 of 1 BKSVs Read

             xx xx xx xx xx

-Tx: 14:045 BKSV list sent to HDMI RX

-Rx: 14:045 Got Same BKSVs from HDMI TX

-Rx: 14:046 BKSVs did not change

-- snippet ----------------------------


Restarting the evaluation board does not always help. If I reconnect HDMI cables, there seems to be no problem. Somehow then it is OK. I do not understand the messages. Do you have any idea what is happening ? I know the messages speak about HDCP but I'm no expert on that.


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