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how can I read the status from AD9739 0x15 to 0x18 register ?

Question asked by ysuzuki on Apr 9, 2015
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My friend is using AD9739 in multi-sync configuration.

Sometimes the master AD9739 fail at start-up.

At step-20 in table-32 of datasheet, master AD9739 return 0xB0 instead of 0x90 when it failed.

Then we tried to read the status fron 0x15 to 0x18 registers to identify the state of sync controller.

But these registers returned following data.

0x15 : 0x42  /  0x16 to 0x18 : 0x00

These returned values are as same as when AD9739 started correctly.


We can read from 0x19 to 0x1C. Followings are returned value.

0x19 : 0xC7  /  0x1A : 0x29  /  0x1B : 0xC7  /  0x29

0x19 : 0xC7  /  0x1A : 0x2B  /  0x1B : 0xC7  /  0x2B



How can we read the status correctly from 0x15 to 0x18 registers ?



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