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distinguish between xga and wxga (AD9388A)

Question asked by DavidF on Nov 30, 2010
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is there any way to distinguish between XGA@50 and WXGA@50 formats with AD9388A from RGBHV source?


The STDI and SSPD results are the same in both cases:

BL=5677. LCF=805, FCL=2237, LCVS=5, vspol=neg, hspol=neg in both cases.


Unfortunately the XGA@50 (1024x768@50) has 1344 pixel between two hsync, while the WXGA@50 (1280x768@50) has 1688, so even the PLL factors are differ. If I configure the auto graphics mode for XGA, but the incoming signal is WXGA - or reverse - the image has wrong clock, size, and horizontal position.


Is there any way to distinguish these formats? I suppose, there are other similar problematic resolution-pairs.