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ADAU1761 parameter changing *without* Sigma Studio

Question asked by HowardE on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by HowardE

I have an application where the audio device will be taking steps to equalize itself. The current method we use as a demo is to use Sigma Studio (3.something) to adjust the sliders and generate compiled output. This is then sent to the processor and the process is repeated until we get the effect we're after. It works really well for a lab environment, but now I need to move the concept to a consumer product.


What i need to do is generate the output for an equalizer, identify which of the bytes in the output are which parameter and be able to rewrite those parameters without using Sigma Studio to recompile. I can use one of three solutions:


1) Identify the bytes in the output and just change those. If I could see the intermediate source that Sigma Studio generated I could probably figure that out.


2) Have the generated output access a table of data in one place instead of putting the parameters in the code itself. I suspect that's hard to do, but it would make #1 easier.


3) Use a command line compiler I could put in the tool chain, I'd be fine with the equalization tool having the DSP source which it modifies and recompiles.


This is for the factory calibration and assembly of a consumer product so it needs to run on the final device, but it's not something a user will do. The tools and the tool chain developed for this will be restricted to the factory - final test and assembly area. Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers to tools I can build a solution with? I'd appreciate any guidance and can likely reimburse you for the coffee/tea/beer you're drinking as you read this if you can help.


Thanks in advance,