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Sweep capability of the AD9361 in Linux only environment

Question asked by yka Employee on Apr 6, 2015
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My customer has the following question regarding the Linux driver:

"I was looking at the ADI IIO-oscilloscope program and wanted to test out how the functioning hardware that is used in the program works in a sweeping span (i.e. full span capability of the AD9361 RF Transceiver, 70MHz to 6GHz). We want to find out if the Linux OS and device drivers can configure the hardware, then take measurements quick enough so we do not have to configure one of the ARM processors specifically using a non or bare metal OS.

What is the best method to determine the feasibility of using the Linux environment only? I see the Linux source code for the IIO oscilloscope. That seems to be used in conjunction with the FMComms2 Plug-in for the scope.

My thought was to modify the IIO oscilloscope program source code to create a fast sweep loop. I want to be sure there is not another method that might be more efficient to evaluate the sweep capability of the AD9361 in a Linux only environment."