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Flash programming using VisualDSP++

Question asked by vinodkaruvat on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by jobo23

Hello Friends,


I am designing a board with the ADSP-BF592 chip. I understand that this chip does not have any on board flash for code. So, I am using the M25P16 flash chip. This chip I am connecting to the Blackfin via the SPI bus. This whole design I based in on the EZLite board of the same DSP.

The programming is done using the ICE EMU 1000 (the cheaper one). The programming connector used is the 10 pin one from TAG-Connect.

I have the following dobt -

1) I read that Visual DSP++ has tools and plugins that can program the external flash. Will I need additional components or such for that or is the shown circuit enough.


2) Is there a document showing how I can program this flash using the said plugins.


3) Will these plugins work for any OEM flash chips or is it otherwise ?




P.S - I am attaching 3 images - 1) The Blackfin and the programmer circuit. 2) Flash circuit and 3) the Tag-Connect connector.


DSP and Tag connect.png



tag connect.png