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ADV7181D pixel output during power up

Question asked by benwang on Apr 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by GuenterL

Hello, I'd like to confirm what is pixel output status during ADV7181D powering up.

As attached is power on sequence (not from ADV7181D d/s but suppose ADV7181D has the similar power on sequency), what is pixel output status? before 3.3V stable, after 3.3V stable but before 1.8V stable, after both 3.3V & 1.8V stable but /pwrdwn pin active low, 5ms after /pwrdwn pin high, and 5mS after /reset pin high.

The datasheet of ADV7181D doesn't have solid description about it, your confirmation is appreciated. Thank you