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What is the most basic registers configuration to output a single tone with DAC AD9122?

Question asked by mastabas on Nov 29, 2010

Hello, I'm trying for many days to output a simple tone with a DAC AD9122.  This DAC has a lot of configuration registers and even if I follow the example start-up routine in the datasheet I'm unable to output anything...only some mV sinewave at all!


I'm using a Xilinx FPGA with a DDS inside, in chipscope my sinewave looks good.  These sinewaves goes into a ODDR and a BUFDS for the differential output..  On hardware all powers looks good, LVDS clocks on DCI and DACclock run at 200MHz and are in the spec range.


Can someone tell me what are the basics registers that I have to set to make it work?  I just want to see something at the clocking.


What should I do with RefClock pin and Frame pin when I'm running in Word mode?


I really have to make it work fast and I don't know what to test anymore.


Thanks a lot.