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Interfacing FMCOMMS4-EB2:AD9364 with Xilinx VIRTEX VI (ML605) DEV Kit

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2015
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Hello all,

      Analog Devices ( has recommended  interfacing FMCOMMS4-EB2:AD9364 with Xilinx ZEDBOARD (ZYNQ).

     We do not have the ZEDBOARD, nor do we expect have access to one in the near future. So, instead of the ZEDBOARD,  is it possible to interface FMCOMMS4-EB2:AD9364 with Xilinx VIRTEX VI (ML605) DEV Kit.

      The VIRTEX VI (ML605) Board also has FMC (LPC) connector. We want to replace VIRTEX VI (ML605) board instead of Zynq (ZC702). The pin details of AD9364 EVB FMC (LPC) and VIRTEX VI (ML605) (LPC) and its power supply are similar, and but its I/O pins are different from AD9364 Board.

        I have provided below the  web links of AD9364 EVB FMC(LPC) connector details, Virtex VI (ML605) (LPC) connector details, and Zynq (ZC702) Board FMC(LPC) connector details.

Virtex VI Board FMC(LPC) Web link: ug534.pdf

Zynq (ZC702) Board FMC(LPC) Web link: ug850-zc702-eval-bd.pdf

AD9364 EVB FMC (LPC) schematic Web link: fmcomms2_reve.pdf

  • I am looking for an explanation of  step by step procedure to interface  AD9364 EVB and Xilinx VIRTEX VI (ML605) DEV Kit.
  • (ii) Also looking for an explanation for  the AD9364 SPI interface with an FPGA. Can some one  provide additional documents on SPI Interfacing Method? Is it possible to interface AD9364 EVB using VHDL Code (SPI interface)?


Thank you

Yusuf Siddik

Research student at the Dept. of ECE, CEG Campus

Anna University, Chennai, INDIA