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ADE7880 - How to set up digital integrator when use Rogowski coil

Question asked by karens on Apr 2, 2015
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On the device with ADE7880, the Rogowski coils are used. Upon the datasheet, I must turn on the digital integrator to support Rogowski coils. I want to set up on the phase current channels and neutral current channel.


Some questions:


1. During the power up initialization, the value written to DICOEFF register is 0x0FFF8000, right?


2. On the datasheet, power up set up procedure, it only mentions that INTEN bit of CONFIG register must be set to 1, when should I set bit ININTEN at register CONFIG3, at the same time when setting INTEN? Do I always need to set ININTEN bit for the neutral current channel if Rogowski coils are used on the phase current channels or only when the Rogowski coil is used on the neutral line.


3. In general, if Rogowski coils are used, is there any impact on the accuracy of the IRMS and power data readings?


Are there anything I should pay attention to when using Rogowski coils?


Thank you very much for the help.


Karen Shi