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Inquiry about UART Error of ADuC848

Question asked by MrKevin on Apr 2, 2015
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I'm Kevin in ODA Technologies

ODA Produces Programmable DC Power Supply

When customer control DC power supply by external serial communication,

UART is not working.


Customer monitored the RX Pin by using Osylocope.

Machine doesn't work even though initialize the Regesiter related to UART.

TTL Signal was possible to input.


UART works fine when he reset the machine.


It looks like UART interrupt Rutine didn't work when the trouble was occured.

Other ADC, DAC, IO control is good.


This product has been sold from 6 years ago,

It keeps happening intermittently  to our customer Recently.

We can send you the Firmware, but it seems firmware is okay.


Main Questions are two.

  1. 1. Why UART is not working.
  2. 2. Will it be restored when we do the Register Setting Newly.


Thank you for your cooperation.

  Have a nice day.