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ADV7511 - missing green color

Question asked by PawelW on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by PawelW

Hi guys.


Me and my team have developed a custom pcb board consisting of:

SONY FCB-7500 camera --> AD9984 --> ADV7511 --> MAX 3845 --> TV

Input video from camera into AD9984 is YPbPr (analog) 1080i 50Hz, then it is digitized into YCbCr 4:4:4 10bits per channel by AD9984 and then sent to ADV7511.

The output of ADV7511 goes into MAX 3845 (switch) and then into TV via HDMI cable.

We configured all the chips via I2C without any errors.

We get a good/stable picture at a TV from camera, good color saturation ,proper color is missing at the TV.

Other colors (red,blue) are there but any green object is shown at the monitor as grey color.

The situation is independent of different models of cameras and different TVs - so it has to be something inside the board.

I've attached register configuration map for ADV7511 and AD9984.


At adv7511: CSC is off. Input data format is YPbPr 4:4:4, output the same. Code shift is ON.

At ad9984: Y is clamped to ground, Pb,Pr are clamped to midscale.

Did anybody had a similiar problem and managed to solve it ?