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ADV7511 Sync Adjustment

Question asked by InkyuAhn on Apr 1, 2015
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Now, I'm using ADV7511 with seperate sync mode(input ID 0).

And I'm working a sync adjustment function for a just testing. I want to set a ADV7511 output foramt with 1080p 60Hz(CEA 861-D Video format 16) when ADV7511 input format is set by 1080p 60Hz(CEA 861-D Video format 16).


I set ADV7511 Registers like this.


0x15[3:1] : 000 (input ID 0)

0xD0[1] : 0 (sync adjustment then DE generation)

0x41[1] : 1 (sync adjustment enable)

0x17[0] : 0 (DE generate Disable)


0xD7 : 0x16

0xD8 : 0x02

0xD9 : 0xC9

0xDA : 0x10

0xDB : 0x05


But Monitor Does not work.

Can you tell me what I am wrong?