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Is there a chip that can take I2S in, Mix it with Analog, and put out I2S at the same time?

Question asked by im_high_tech on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by DaveThib

I have scoured forum and many other chips and cannot find a single solution that can answer the following question.


I need to be able to..

1) Take an analog input

2) Take I2S input

3) Mix analog + I2S inside chip

4) Output I2S


All of the above needs to happen systematically and with minimal/no delay.


I have found plenty of chips that can analog in and I2S in, but none of them state whether or not they can output I2S in/out at the same time.


Imagine a scenario where you have person doing commentary over the top of a movie while the end result is going to a switching chip. (Actually we are using the ADV7625 in this scenario).


Is there a way to implement what I am doing with one chip? Two Chips? Or what do I need to do to make something like this work?