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ADXL362 No Data received

Question asked by gstone on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by RiseOfDeath

I am struggling to get any response from this device.


I am trying to read from register 0x00.


attached is the scope output from my clock and MOSI lines.


There are three bytes sent - 0x0B for read, 0x00 for the first register, and 0x00 to clock data in.


MISO never goes high. sometimes it shows a slight amount of noise that resembles the MOSI line but I am talking a couple of mVolts.


I have tried 150ohm resistors in line on all SPI lines.


Am I running too slow?


CS is permanently low as I am only talking to this device.


Can anyone see anything wrong with the timing? all voltages are around 3V.


please Help!!!!