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Internal temperature sensor of AD7173-8.

Question asked by ysuzuki on Mar 31, 2015
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I have three questions about internal temp. sensor of AD7173-8.


Q1. Could you give me the equation to translate the code to temperature ?

    I could not find the equation for using internal temperature sensor.


Q2. Is the "user calibration" for internal temperature sensor same as Internal

    Offset Calibaration ?

    In table-1(page-5 of datasheet), the "test condition" for accuracy of internal

    temperature sensor is indicated "After user calibration at 25'C".

    Could you please teach me detail of the "user calibration" ?


Q3. I can not find how I select internal temperature sendor to measure on evaluation

    software. (I'm using V1.0 of evaluation software)

    I opend "ADC Setup" dialog and I try to change the input channel. I pressed left

    button of mouse on "Ain-Select" but I can select only Ain0 ~ Ain15.

    Could you please teach me how I can select internal temperature sensor ?




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