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ADRF6755 I2C No Ack on Read

Question asked by JohnAugHarris on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by JohnAugHarris

All I2C Read requests to ADRF6755 produce NAK's (or nacks) on all registers. All I2C Write requests to ADRF6755 produce Acks on both the I2C address and the register address. I have no problem talking to two other I2C slave components on the same lines. I call the same code for all three I2C components. I pass in the I2C base address, Register or sub-address on Read commands (plus data byte on write commands). This problem persists even when the other two components are turned off circuit. The read bit is set to one on reads. The I2C master is dsPIC33FJ256GP506 using I2C2, interrupt driven. Tested at baud rates of 100kHz, 50kHz and 10kHz. Please advise.


  modRd.bmp: Sample Read success to BCM3035 (scope used: Agilent infiinium MSO8104A)

  modWr.bmp: Sample Write success to BCM3035 (verified with Read)

  upcRd.bmp: Sample Read failure to ADRF6755

  upcWr.bmp: Possible Write success to ADRF6755 (cannot verify with Read)