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GPS/PPS Synchronism with the ADE7878 evaluation board

Question asked by augusto.dr on Mar 30, 2015
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my name is Augusto, I'm a electronic engineer and researcher. Our research group works in a project that uses the ADE7878 evaluation board.


I would like to know if is possible to synchronize the measurement/acquisition process with a PPS (Pulse Per Second) signal, provided by a GPS receiver.


I had searched in the ADE7878 datasheet and User Guide for infos, but for what I could tell, that is not possible.


The only pin that maybe would do this is the CLKIN, but would be necessary to multiply the PPS signal for 16.384 MHz, and that would not work right for sure.


Can anyone help me with this, maybe give a more detailed explanation about the functionality of this part.


If it's really not possible, what would be the Analog Devices option for this kind of situation?


Thanks in advance.