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ADV7181C Eval board

Question asked by FreddyS on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by scott_rk


We are developing a video capture device (MCVT) with ADV7181C chip. Its output is connected to video input of a iMX6 chip.

We cannot make it work and we need to ensure that we set registers of ADV7181 correctly.

For that purpose we use EVAL-ADV7181CEBZ rev B. board but we couldn't succeed to get an HDMI output for the CVBS input.


Note that we get a message from the GUI program when I try to apply any script (Settings -> Scripts -> Any entry -> Any final entry).

"Switch MC/PC Switch to PC and Reset All Boards"

This can be a reason to the problem. Please advis on possible reason.

Screenshot of the GUI message is attached.


Also attached is the script I made from the original ADV7181C_ADV7181C@_ADV7341-VER.3.2c.txt

I just combined settings for the 42 device (ADV7181C) and the 7A device (ADV9889B)

but the combination does not work. The combined script is attached. Pls review it.

Scheme of the the MCVT device is attached as well