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FMCADC2 - Clock Speed

Question asked by Pablo.Leyva on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Pablo.Leyva

Hi every one.


I´m working with the ad9625 ADC converter in a VC707 development board. Using the reference design with a no-OS configuration.


The FMC board I am testing is not the fmcadc2 but I´ve used that board to check that the HDL code is working, the problem I´ve found is that if I try to work with a different clock speed than 2112MHz I am not able to stablish communication with the ad9625 (Sysref signal always "low level").If I use the 2112MHz clock everything works fine, I can read the JESD lanes and decode the data.

I´ve checked also the register map trying to find some configuration for the clock speed but I´ve found nothing.


The final goal is to make it run with a 1056 MHz clock.


In the datasheet we can found this section:

Unbenannt.JPGBut the Register 0x00 only controls the SPI configuration, so I don´t really understand whats the point of writting in the register.


Any Idea how to change the clock speed? Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance.