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1080p 120Hz receiver?

Question asked by J.M.D. on Nov 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by DaveD


I have a requirement to design a system which receives a 1080p 120Hz video input (audio not necessary). It just needs to receive the video data and pass it to an FPGA (preferably in 24-bit RGB with HS, VS, and DE) which manipulates the video content before displaying it. All the HDMI receivers seem to only accept 1080p 60Hz. It should be possible using HDMI dual-link, but I haven't been successful in finding anything on the Analog Devices website that will enable dual-link. Perhaps there is a way to use two AD9880 and assemble the data in the FPGA, but a simpler technique is preferred.


Does anyone have advice on what options are available?