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Using 2 FMCOMMS1 boards in ZC706

Question asked by BDS on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by rejeesh



I want to use two FMCOMMS1 boards in the same ZC706 board. I modified the fpga image and added the additional drivers. I connected the clocks of the two boards according to the master-slave configuration.


I am using no-os drivers for the software. I tried to initialize both cards in software, first the LPC (master) and then the HPC (slave). However, I observe that the LPC card is being initialized twice. I took a look at the file :"test.h", and I can see that IICSEL_B0LPC_PS7 and IICSEL_B1HPC_PS7 have the same value, so even when I have separate "XCOMM_DefaultInit"s for LPC and HPC, there seems to be no difference.Can you help me with this issue? What modifications need to be done in the software to use two FMCOMMS1 cards with a single ZC706 board?