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Question asked by Harry077 on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Harry077

I'm using ADE7758 in a power meter proyect based on Arduino 2560. I can write and read correctly the ADE7758 configuration Registers and algo take reasonable measures of Irms and Vrms. But when programming to function in line cycle accumulation mode, after the first interrupt I get stuck in a loop only if I want to read or write to the ADE7758. And if I can't read the interrupt state register, the open drain /IRQ output will not open and stay at low level rather than pulling the output high.


So, is it possible than my ADE7758 is broken? I always get null measures of the WATTHR register or another energy registers. Now I am going to try with Zero Crossing IRQ to see If I get the same result.


I'll be gratefull if anybody can guide me in this problem.