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1701 Index filter missing 0 state from pulse counter

Question asked by davepmo on Mar 26, 2015
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I'm having trouble with this index selectable filter schematic.  Bob helped me make a pulse counter that will count up to a value, and once it reaches it, the next pin toggle it starts at 0 and it counts up again, and is reset via another pin. The counter works, as does the reset.


I hooked it to an index selectable filter.  The filter works, toggling through the different filters associated with the index.  But when the counter reaches it's terminal count and goes to 0 on the next pin toggle, the index filter stays on the last one (filter 4 in this example).  If I toggle again (to 1) it then goes to filter 1 and behaves normally until it starts at 0 again.  It always skips the 0 filter unless I reset it.


I think there is some funky timing thing going on, but I can't capture it with the readback function, the counter looks good.

I'm testing this with the 1701EZ board with white noise on the input and a spectrum analyzer on the output, so I can see the filters as they change..


I'd love some debug advice on how to fix this. 

thanks a lot,