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ADE7816: Peak detection

Question asked by Mr.K on Mar 26, 2015
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I have a question about the peak detection of ADE7816.

I want to detect the peak of three current channels of A, B, and C.


My register setting is shown below.


COMPMODE register bit14(CHANNEL_SEL) = 0


MMODE register bit2(PEAKSEL0) = 1

               bit3(PEAKSEL1) = 1

               bit4(PEAKSEL2) = 1


PEAKCYC register = 0xFF


I'm reading the IPEAK register at 5ms intervals.

I think that bit24-bit26 of the IPEAK register is changed one by one.

And I think that only the one bit of bit24-26 is set to 1.


Is this correct?


I'm setting the PEAKCYC register to 0xFF.

Is the peak detection measured the cycle of 0xFF repeatedly?


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