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Something dragging FILTD down.

Question asked by AlexSS on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by AlexSS

Hello all, finally managed to get my ADAU1701 board sort of up and running and programmed!


The problem is after around 10-20 seconds of being powered up the voltage on FILTD starts to get dragged down, although not straight down, the voltage jumps around. I have a test signal being applied to the on board ADC which is visible on the DACs, the FILTD voltage jumping coincides with the amplitude of the sine wave at the output jumping around. The 1.5v bias point remains but amplitude does not.


Possibly a coincidence but I was able to link compile download once and I wasn't getting this problem, I disconnected the USBi, reconnected, tried again and then was getting comms failure then this problem was happening.


I can't see any other voltages that jump around, everything seems to be as expected. Clock seems stable, though not a perfect sine wave.


Any ideas?