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AD9548 1pps clock not locked

Question asked by Lester on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by pkern



  I am trying to use AD9548 sync with 1pps GPS signal.

  My original plan should be use OXCO as system clock.


  But for fast checking, I just use the XTAL 50Mhz on evaluation kit first.


  I connected the 1pps signal go into the reference B(single-end), but the DPLL just keep at Free-Run mode.

The 1pps signal is :  0-3.3Vp-p, pulse width 10m sec - 100m sec.


  I see other guys that it also difficult to lock while use TXCO.

  Is it I only can apply the 1pps signal with OXCO?


  I also upload the profile for your reference. Any parameter that I need to concern.