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cn0217 wrong configuration

Question asked by azita on Mar 26, 2015
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i looked at application of cn0217 in this application note there is example 1 :measuring low impedance paragraph that there is a set up configuration for measuring 1 uf capacitor :
Voltage Peak-to-Peak (V p-p):
1.98 V (Range 1)
Number of Settling Time Cycles:
16 MHz
20.1 Ω
20.0 Ω
Excitation Frequency Range:
30 kHz to 30.2 kHz
Unknown Impedances:
C3 = 1 μF(5.3 Ω at 30 kHz).
with this config i believe the ad5933 will saturate because the gain at the ti section is about 4=(RFB/unlnown impedance) and so the ad5933 adc will i right about this?