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Streaming RX data with MicroZed FPGA reference design and AD9361 FMCOMS Board

Question asked by cebrady on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by DragosB

I am trying to configure the RX DMA using the No-OS drivers to stream data from the FMCOMMS module. The adc_capture subroutine only allows one DMA descriptor to be defined at a time. It sets up a DMA then waits for it to complete before returning and allowing another DMA descriptor to be defined and executed. That's fine except by the time the subroutine polls the completion of the DMA returns and then sets up the next DMA, I have missed several samples of data. 


I am looking for details on how to modify this routine so that I can pre-que the next DMA descriptor before the previous descriptor is completed so that I can DMA data without loosing any of the incoming data from the AD9361. Other discussions seem to indicate that streaming can be done with the Linux drivers so hoping the same is true with the no-OS drivers as well.


Thanks in advance.