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Limiter with "Zero" attach time?

Question asked by eden-chen2012 on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by dan_xerx

Hi Experts,

I am encountering a serious problem in my sigma DSP project.

Can I get zero attach time limiter in sigma studio for ADAU1701 ?

There are 2 type limiters in sigma studio, one is RMS limiter the other is peak compressor

I found it is very hard to limiter a signal without heavy distortion even I set the attach time to max 10000.



I try to use below peak compressor, but it can't limit the output signal to a fixed threshold level, that is say,when input level increase,the output will follow increase as well. And it will stop to work when input signal above +6dB.



How can I do to get a limiter with attach time less than 2ms ?

Thanks a lot.