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External Memory Addressing Error

Question asked by Robert83 on Nov 25, 2010
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i want to access external SDRAM Bank1 with the ADSP-BF561 EZ-Kit but after the start up

code the Hardware Error HWERRCAUSE = 0x3 occurre. I defined in the .LDF file additional memory segments:


MEM_SDRAM1_BANK0           { TYPE(RAM) START(0x04000000) END(0x04FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }
MEM_SDRAM1_BANK1           { TYPE(RAM) START(0x05000000) END(0x05FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }
MEM_SDRAM1_BANK2           { TYPE(RAM) START(0x06000000) END(0x06FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }
MEM_SDRAM1_BANK3           { TYPE(RAM) START(0x07000000) END(0x07FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }


and a Input Section:


      } > MEM_SDRAM1_BANK0


Then i declared a byte array located in this section:


#pragma section("sdram1_data_bank0")
u8 externalMemory[ARRAY_SIZE];


Also the external bank1 is enabled and the bank size is set to 64MB via bank control register.

Where is the mistake?


Thanks for help