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ADAU1701 working at 176.4K/192K with trouble

Question asked by liangkz on Mar 24, 2015
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Hi all,


    my project is using one ADAU1701 to do audio processing. SoC play/decode audio file, output the CLK/Data, feed them into ADAU1701, and after the audio processing, ADAU1701 output CLK/Data to a DAC/AMP to driver a speaker.

    I use an oscilloscope to monitor the signal, the SoC output as table below:




    when i hardware-bypass the ADAU1710 by connecting the MCLK/BCLK/LRCLK/DATA directly to the DAC/AMP, the speaker can output audio without any problem, so the SoC/DAC/AMP must work find.

    but when not bypassing the ADAU1701, a problem comes when SoC playing 176.4K/192K sample rate audio files, speaker with no sound out, oscilloscope shows that the ADAU1701 output DATA signal is very strange, it's a constant number of 2 times the LRCLK, that's 352.8K/384K.

    compare to the playing of 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K audio file, the whole system works fine, the ADAU1701 output signals are all very good, DATA is a TRUE audio data signal, NOT a constant number, speaker output normal sound.


    below is my hardware setting and tool config:

1. I have already changed the sample rate of SigmaStudio setting to 192KHz as "FAQ: How do I change the sample rate of my SigmaStudio system?" showing.

2. Hardware setting the PLL_MODE0 and PLL_MODE1 to 1 and 1 as 512xFs, according to the "SETTING MASTER CLOCK/PLL MODE" chapter of  ADAU1701's datasheet P18. and will NOT change at all.

3. ADAU1701 is NOT using external crystal oscillator to generate the MCLK, but using the SoC output MCLK to instead, this MCLK signal connects to the DAC/AMP at the same time.

4. I monitor the ADAU1701 output signals, as table below:      

ADAU1701 0x081C/0x081E register settingADAU1701 output signal speaker output
SoC Playing File0x081C SR1:00x081E OBF1:00x081E OLF1:0MCLKBCLKLRCLKDATA
44.1K2x(512 instructions)internal clock/8internal clock/51211.2896M2.8224M44.1Knormal data signalsounds OK
48K2x(512 instructions)internal clock/8internal clock/51212.288M3.072M48Knormal data signalsounds OK
88.2K2x(512 instructions)internal clock/8internal clock/51222.5792M5.6448M88.2Knormal data signalsounds OK
96K2x(512 instructions)internal clock/8internal clock/51224.576M6.144M96Knormal data signalsounds OK
176.4K4x(256 instructions)internal clock/4internal clock/25622.5792M11.2896M176.4K352.8KHz  NO sound
192K4x(256 instructions)internal clock/4internal clock/25624.576M12.288M192K384KHzNO sound

i also try the other config of  "0x081E OBF1:0" and "0x081E OLF1:0", the DATA always 2 times the LRCLK.

even when i set the SoC to output 176.4Kx64Fs = 11.2896M or 192Kx64Fz = 12.288M  MCLK, the DATA still always 2 times the LRCLK.


i don't understand why and how the DATA signal becomes this 2 times the LRCLK value, or where i make a wrong config, may somebody help me?