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AD5780 and the MSP430F5529

Question asked by ElectricHorizon on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by danf

Hey forum,


This is my first time programming a DAC and supposedly this particular one (AD5780) outputs varied voltage levels, which is what my group needs for our design project. I have the AD5780 and the Evaluation Board for the AD5780 in the mail as we type. There are a few questions that pop up in my mind....


Can the MSP430 Processor send data to the AD5780 so it can output those voltage?

What considerations are needed to control a  DAC with a separate processor like MSP430F5529 (the particular processor)?

How does this chip get programmed with the Evaluation Board?
Can the Evaluation board be used in conjunction with the Processor or does it need to be a single chip?


This is going to be an exciting project and I'd be happy to share the results. Looking forward to your comments!
All the best,
Joe Hirmann